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Psoriasis Home Remedies

Until now, doctors and researcher has yet discover the real cause of psoriasis, and the 100% effective psoriasis treatment to get rid of psoriasis once and for all. Psoriasis most common symptoms includes having red, dry scaly patches on your skin, and often will cause white hues patches on your top first layer of your skin. It is very embarrassing to walk around socializing with friends as your skin will have an unpleasant look as your kin will have silvery-white appearance.


The real cause of psoriasis is still unknown, however, what the researchers and doctors found out is, symptoms of psoriasis occur when your skin cells begin to be more active than normal rate.

As a result, those more active cells can’t shed normally, resulting a build-up skin that leads to scaly and think rash on your epidermis layer. Suspect triggers of psoriasis include unstable weather condition, family history of psoriasis, reaction/allergy to certain medicine/drug, alcohol etc.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Hot Epsom salt bath has been proven by doctors on its value in treatment of psoriasis. Applying olive oil or lotion after Epsom salt bath will be better as lotion will keep your skin moisturizes. Do make sure that your skin is keep moisturize at all time, and avoid traveling to places with uncertain weather as too hot or too cold will cause the air humidity level to drop.

Please enjoy more sunlight, as research proves that UV ray from the sunlight is the best cure for psoriasis. There is a psoriasis treatment that doctor used for psoriasis treatment, which is prescribe artificial ultraviolet light. A less expensive alternative is to simply get more sunlight! Exposure to the sun can enhance the production of Vitamin D, which has been found to be effective at treating psoriasis.

Diet is also very important in improving psoriasis condition, having more organic food and home grown vegetables will improve your health also. One of the best vegetable that is recommended by doctors is bitter gourd. Take a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice daily, and if you don’t like the bitter taste, mixed with a teaspoon of lime juice will be better.

There is a lot of psoriasis treatment available in the market with lots of chemical substance either to apply on your skin or tablets for medication. Personally I would recommend simple and natural psoriasis home remedies to cure/relief your psoriasis symptoms and get rid of psoriasis permanently!