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Are You Suffering From Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is the non-infectious and inflammatory condition where the skin appears as red patches. They become dry and itchy. This disease is caused due to the increase in the skin proliferation layer where the cells on the skin divide uncontrollably. It affects the scalp, ears, genitalia, palm, feet, and elbow. Ayurvedic Psoriasis Treatment helps to get rid of this condition.


Types of Psoriasis you must know

The Psoriasis Treatment provided based on the areas affected and the type of Psoriasis.

  • Psoriatic Arthritis – Inflammation of joints
  • Guttate psoriasis – red spots on the skin
  • Plaque psoriasis – reddish patch covered by silver scaling on the skin
  • Pustular psoriasis – White pustules on red skin
  • Inverse psoriasis – reddish skin folds
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis – reddening of skin with shedding of scaly skin

Ways to manage the symptoms of Psoriasis

Ayurvedic Psoriasis Treatment concentrates on providing comfort and it helps you to manage your skin condition.

Dietary supplements

If you are looking for a Psoriasis Treatment that will provide your comfort and cure from within, you must concentrate on your diet. Mild symptoms of Psoriasis can be cured with intake of Milk, Vitamin D, Fish oil, grape and primrose oil.

Keep your skin moisturized

As a healthy Psoriasis Treatment, it is important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. Apply moisturizer and keep the air condition in the home moist to avoid dryness of skin.

Stay away from Fragrances

It is important to stay away from perfumed soaps and body lotion that may irritate your skin. Of course, they smell great but they inflame psoriasis so it is important to choose skin friendly products.

Take warm bath

Do not use hot water on your skin because it develops the skin irritation. It is necessary to take bath in lukewarm water adding mineral oil, milk, Epsom salt or olive oil in the water. They help in soothing the skin. Apply moisturizer to your skin immediately.

Do not be stressed

Stress can be the cause of Psoriasis so if you are taking a Psoriasis Treatment, you must be out of stress. Reduce your stress and practice yoga and meditation that will help you to stay relaxed and calm.

Say ‘no’ to Alcohol

Alcohol is bad for people with Psoriasis and many research has proved that it men and women who drink more have been affected with Psoriasis.

Turmeric is the best cure

Natural ingredients play a major role in treating Psoriasis. Turmeric is highly suggested during Psoriasis Treatment as it reduces the harshness of the skin. Applying turmeric on the infected areas or consuming turmeric tablets are very helpful.

Tobacco is dangerous

If you have the habit of smoking, it is great to quit smoking immediately. It will worsen the condition of Psoriasis.

The Psoriasis Treatment keeps changing from one person to other. What works for one person may not work for the other. So, if you are looking for natural Psoriasis Treatment, you must consult an ayurvedic expert who can examine the condition and suggest you the best treatment.